Flushed with Pride

Flushed with Pride - A hugely entertaining talk for all clubs, groups and collectors' societies. Fabulously fascinating and fundamental!

The history of the British bathroom and its humble loo is a remarkable story of invention and enterprise.  Terry's fabulously entertaining talk, packed with fascinating facts, reveals the milestones in the development of the most fundamental of all pottery.

The fascinating and amusing history  

Terry shows film and photographs from 100 years ago and images of some of the most beautiful bathroom designs of the past. He then ventures into the future of toilets, showing how technically-advanced ceramic WCs may one day be installed in our bathrooms. Here’s your chance to find out more about this ceramic marvel.

Who is that talk aimed at?   

Societies, clubs, associations. WIs, Probus Clubs, Rotary, Round Table, NADFAS, history societies, or antique collectors clubs, luncheon clubs.   Bathroom manufacturers' staff. Schools and Colleges.  Staff and students.

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What is it about?  

This 50 minute entertaining and highly engaging talk full of animations and films describes the history of the British bathroom, and more specifically the humble loo, from Roman times to present day. It also peeps into the future and what's on the bathroom horizon.  Amusing and educational, the talk is full of illustrations with both archive and contemporary material, including vintage film.  Hilarious asides are guaranteed to amuse the audience. You will never look at a lavatory the same way again!

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